Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello again!

Hello again...

Many months passed by and i'm wondering what is happening in the blog world and i'm visiting my own blog after months of silence...shhh...

MIA these few months due to these; (hopefully can justified myself..hehehe)

Jan - back from Christmas holiday, my son, family, work
Feb - my son, family, work
Mac - my son, family, work
April - my son, family, work
Mei - my son, family, work
Jun - cousin's wedding, no maid, getting ready for my Law exam
Jul- getting ready for exam
Aug - exam and raya holiday

Anyway, i don't think i can give enough excuses but life is not that easy when you have to juggle between your 3 year old son, work and study at the same time. I wish there's a way out from all of these but we have to conquer the obstacles in life to be a conqueror...so i'm not complaining. Life is more sweeter that way, i think.

There's a proverb that says : Let your faith be bigger than your fear!
Remember to live a day at a time and you will do a big difference to yourself and to your family. You need to energize your strength and your priority towards the most important things in life like family comes first before work and last but not least..you have to make it a point to spend your time with the Lord in the morning before you start the day. I have to confess though that i am not a morning person but i will somehow will overcome this as well.

Life's little instruction from an old grandpa for sharing..:)



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