Wednesday, August 24, 2011

missing again:))

ok wokaylah..(malaysian version of english..hehehe)..i am on the mission og MIA again..
After years of dreaming of having a 'singer' sewing last i am very happy to say that - i am an owner of a singer sewing machine model 1130..image i'll upload later. Problem with uploading..i bought this from the previous owner at a very good deal after bargaining. I want to thank God for answering my!

my next agenda is to get all the patterns that i would love to sew and get the show begins.......and i will upload all the projects here for you...:)

till then, take care


Saturday, August 6, 2011


This weekend, i did quite a few of things---
1. putting up some pictures on the wall. We have moved to this new house for 3 months and so many things needs to be done in order for us to have a cozy home..
2. Mop the house..
3. Went for weekly marketing to a morning market 20 minutes drive from our place
4. Have some relatives over for lunch and the menu is not to my satisfaction..ahem..since  i put up my new oven, TH expect my menu will also more varieties complaint so far so, i'll take my sweet time to try new menus...
tomorrow is Sunday and we'll have a hectic day since tomorrow is FIL's birthday and we'll go to PJ to see them and have a small and strict diet lunch since on Monday they will go for routine check up and they don't want the sugar level to shoot up...

Life is fun and try to live a balance life - spiritual, physical and mental. I've been busy with few of things that i didn't spend enough time with the Lord and my day usually will be more meaningful after i soak in His Presence for certain time. Until then, i just thank the Lord for His Grace that enable us to move on with life even we are not faithfull in this area-spending enough time with HIM..

Take care,
With Friendship,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome friends!

So overwhelm that after so many years i didn't touch my sewing machine......................SO VERY HAPPY to found out that it's still WORKING..........fuyoh!!

So in order for me to CELEBRATE that good news, today..."made by RP" is officially launced..and it will be my journal to this ancient kind of arts - Sewing...which i love so much.

I would love to thank my beloved grandma (She is now resting in a higher place) who had taught me that passion and patience are both equal important in order to get a masterpiece when you sew.

Thank you very much for the anticipation for this new blog...this is my journal to share what i have learnt and done and a beginning for my cyber world. Thank you.

With friendship,